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SIFA INTERNATIONAL is an Import-Export Agency, Commercial Agency, Worldwide Purchasing Agency and a Multi-Services Agency founded in 1992, involved in wholesale, stock lot management and import-export business. 

We are a dynamic Import-Export company with headquarters well based in HAITI and, with an expanding international web of clients. Central to our activities are customers and their needs, so we devote a great deal of flexibility in our operations in order to fulfill client requirements. 


Become a global player in the Import-Export solutions by developing and supporting the required internal and external infrastructure that meets the total segment needs of our clients. 


- Fairness and honesty in all relationships we develop with customers and suppliers. 
- The long-term relationship with and the profitability of our customers and partners. 
- Our commitments. 
- An atmosphere of trust that supports internal and external cooperation. 
- The well being of our employees and collaborators. 
- The social welfare of the communities and the natural environments affected by our activities. 
- The quality of our products and their compliance with the highest standards in the world. 
- Innovation of our practices and products and the efficiency of our operations. 

We are dealing in multiple lines of General Merchandise. 

We're buying directly from reliable suppliers (Manufacturers, Producers, co-operatives of farmers) , processing our products, and reselling to worldwide Markets: 

- Agricultural Products 
- Foods & Beverages 
- Building Materials 
- Consumer Goods 
- Arts & Crafts Stocks 
- Surplus of products 
- Secure Investment Program (a very special and profitable Service) 

We also offer raw materials, industrial products, stock lot of product and surplus (large volume) at very low prices. Our stock lot can be available in different countries or continents. 

For more information, please see our "Product list" or our "Trade leads" and, please feel free to contact us.

Tel: (509) 37 81 01 75