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Global Product Offers - September to December 31, 2016


1- Quality Rice from Brazil: 5% broken; 35000 bags X 50 kgs (1750 MT) to be sold in one stock;   available in Brazil; For infos, pls feel free to contact us: sales@sifainternational.com, Phone: (509) 37 81 01 75

2- Stock of Wooden Furnitures from Haiti: Excellent business opportunity; You can make a killing profit; Stock of new 87 pieces of antique style furnitures; to be sold in one stock;  available in Haiti; Very good FOB price; For details, pls feel free to contact us: sales@sifainternational.com, Phone: (509) 37 81 01 75

3- 88 ROOMS HOTEL FOR SALE IN ECUADOR - Well positioned 88 complete and furnished rooms Hotel for sale  in Ecuador; Excellent opportunity! For more information, please free to contact us at info@sifainternational.com

4- USED MEN"S SHOES FOR SALE - Used assorted colors Men's Shoes for sale; Four (4) 40' containers; Product available in Germany; Very excellent price. For information, Please contact us: info@sifainternational.com

5- OIL REFINERY COMPANY FOR SALE - Used Oil refinery Company for sale in Argentina. Very good price. Fore more information, please contact us info@sifainternational.com

6- BROWN SUGAR FOR SALE IN BRASIL - STOCK OF 35.000 BAGS - Quality Brown Sugar for sale immediately; 35.000 X 50 kgs Bags available in one stock. Please, for info contact us:  info@sifainternational.com

7- BEACH TOURISM PROJECT FOR SALE IN BARBADOS - Complete Beach Tourism Project for sale in Barbados including Hotel, restaurant, Casino etc...  Excellent Business Opportunity; For info, please contact us info@sifainternational.com 

8- RESTAURANT FOR SALE IN PANAMA - Deluxe Restaurant & Bar for sale in Panama City; Furnished and complete; Interested, please contact us for info info@sifainternational.com

9- DRY BEAN FOR SALE FROM MANAUS (BRAZIL) - 22.000 Bags of Dry pint Bean for sale. Please, feel free to contact us for details: info@sifainternational.com

10- MILK POWDER FROM CHINA - Quality Milk Powder for sale from China. Min Order must be 40' container. For info please contact us info@sifainternational.com

For more information, please see our "Product list" or our "Trade leads" and, please feel free to contact us info@sifainternational.com 

Tel: (509) 37 81 01 75 

Our website in still under construction. Please, for any inconvenience or suggestion, feel free to contact us: info@sifainternational.com

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